What is PCT

PCT or Post Cycle Therapy is what athletes use to solidify the results of using anabolic steroids and avoid unpleasant consequences. What can happen to a man if he decides to skip post-cycle therapy? Nothing really good. The use of any anabolic steroid suppresses the natural secretion of the male hormone, among other effects. And as we remember, testosterone is the most important part of the male body, regulating almost all the important processes in the body. So, if your secretion decreases, it affects the whole body, causing various pains, alopecia, decreased libido and other horrible things.

But why is it so important besides the side effects? How does it work? The suppressed effect of testosterone persists after the cycle. Don’t forget the rollback phenomenon. For several AAS users, rewinding is not at the same speed and intensity, but this phenomenon awaits everyone without exception. What are the main reasons for the restoration and can they be prevented? To answer this question, we must first decide how to achieve high results using steroids.

Kickback phenomenon is a term used in bodybuilding for the process of losing muscle mass after stopping anabolic steroids or other anabolic drugs. It lasts about 1 month after the course. The phenomenon of relapse occurs mainly when steroids are used in high doses and when unjustified dosages occur.

So to avoid this, you need to be careful when choosing a course and not miss the PCT. It is best to start the PCT as soon as you have completed the main cycle. If you use prohormones or selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs), you can start your cycle immediately after your period. However, if you are taking steroids, it is best to take a short break and start treatment after a week. Of course, it is best to have a professional guide to guide you from the beginning of the cycle to therapy and post-cycle therapy. You can find one online or with friends at the gym. If you are a trained veteran and run a gym, that’s good for you, be sure to help newcomers not kill themselves.

Proviron on PCT

Proviron is a synthetic hormonal anabolic agent characterized by a relative androgenic effect. It is used for medical purposes to improve sexual desire and self-test levels. Bodybuilders prefer Proviron as the most effective anabolic in post cycle therapy. To get an accelerated steroid effect, I suggest combining it with anabolic steroids. The active ingredient of the medicine, masterolone, does not allow anabolic substances to become estrogenic. It is popular with both genders because steroid use does not lead to virilization in women and men in gynecology.

Hiring efficiency

Proviron acts as a weak aromatase inhibitor. It inhibits the conversion of steroids into estrogen. It is important to know that estrogen is not a very valuable hormone for all bodybuilders and does affect weight gain. Masterolone maintains contact with these hormones and releases large amounts of testosterone, which increases protein synthesis and thus improves results.

Most of the male hormone, when it enters the body through sports pharmacology, begins to be suppressed due to the parallel relationship with albumin and globulin.

The main effect of using anabolic steroids is to rationalize the antiestrogenic effect and the production of natural pasta. Proviron increases libido well and regulates erectile function in the stronger sex. In Ukraine, post-course therapy has called itself the most fashionable and least dangerous anabolic.

General Effects of Taking Proviron:

  • aromatase block;
  • Increased libido;
  • Erections need to be improved;
  • Encourage free pasta production;
  • Regeneration of muscle tissue density;
  • Increases the rate of spermatogenesis.

Proviron blocks the aromatization on PCT by blocking the action of globulins. Increase libido after steroid treatment. The dose of Proviron is 50 mg per day, taken in two divided doses in the morning and in the evening.