Combinations of Proviron with other drugs

Combination with other drugs

Proviron can be used during weight gain – to reduce SHBG levels. It is combined with any drug of the AAS class. For this purpose, Proviron must be taken for 10-14 days.

During “drying”, Proviron will be useful in the last stage (2-3 weeks before starting) – giving your muscles the stiffness they need. With the exception of Drostanolone, its combination with all anabolic steroids used during this period is considered optimal.

During PCT, Proviron can be combined with other antiestrogenic drugs. This medicine should be taken for at least one month to raise FSH levels.

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Turinabol plus Proviron course

You will need 100 Turinabol tablets and 20 Proviron for the course.

This course allows you to gain quality mass and increase your physical parameters at a fairly high rate. The result is achieved without side effects.

The main drug in the cycle is Turinabol, with which you can gain at least 700-1000 g per week. Proviron eliminates all the negative effects of Turinabol and makes the course completely safe.

This is a great cycle for beginners to accelerate their progress and break the plateaus. You will gain weight without risk to your body because Proviron is in the cycle.

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How to carry out the Turinabol and Proviron cycle?

Take your medications on this schedule.

1 week: 2 Turinabol tablets + 1 Proviron tablet per day

2 weeks: 3 Turinabol tablets + 1 Proviron tablet per day

3 weeks: 4 Turinabol tablets + 1 Proviron tablet per day

4 Week: 3 Turinabol tablets per day

5 Week: 2 Turinabol tablets per day

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Action of the Turinabol and Proviron cycle

This course is a boon for athletes looking for an effective and cost-effective AAS cycle. Here are the main results you will receive after completion:

  • the production and transport of amines is accelerated;
  • the speed of metabolic processes increases;
  • the daily increase in qualitative weight will be at least 150 grams;
  • increase in physical parameters (20%);
  • the bone tissue is strengthened.

Turinabolt was originally created to accelerate hypertrophic processes. For beginner bodybuilders, this course will be a great start, allowing you to gain weight and not risk your health.

An important result of the course is an increase in physical performance. You can train harder and use more weight. It is important to note that proper nutrition must not be forgotten to achieve results.

Proviron is a high quality anti-estrogen that can reduce female hormone levels and increase the effectiveness of Turinabol. Your muscles are not full of water and the body blocks the appearance of new fat cells. It is an excellent drug that is actively used by athletes with different levels of training.

All you need to do is decide what you want to use AAS for, purchase a course, and follow the instructions above.